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.How was 2013 for Lombok - An Interesting interview from Stephane Servin



    When Virgin Atlantic Airlines owner Sir Richard Branson brought Necker Island in the Caribbean back in the 70's, he unknowingly started a "must have feel" for something of which the majority of people could only dream. Over the next 25 years he slowly built his exotic retreat which today is adorned with a large Balinese Villa, Flamingos and glorious white sandy beaches. Necker Island now, is not just his private getaway but a business enterprise catering for the rich and famous providing the ultimate in luxury and opulence.
    Bathed in scenic turquoise seas, as is typical for tropical regions around the world, Necker Island has become the iconic standard for the "must have elite." More recently Sir Richard Branson has invested in a property in Bali Indonesia, with numerous villas, swimming pools and flowing rivers, its clear that this will be another retreat for Richards famous pals and has certainly placed the Indonesian archipelago on the 5 star map.

    Lombok Island Properties' hand picked selection of land around Lombok, are some of the most desirable must have real estate properties in Indonesia. Lombok is emerging as the first green tourist area in the world and companies from around the globe are contributing to create this oasis of tranquility and opportunity.

    The now opperational Lombok International Airport has also punctuated the fact that the government and investors in Lombok mean business, and with western markets looking for the ideal exotic holiday, Lombok is well positioned to take on the likes of the Caribbean as a tropical holiday destination.


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Lombok Island in Indonesia, and the general property investment market have raised many questions and statements, one of which is " is there is a property boom on the horizon" Investment strategists have emphatically insisted that without question or doubt the Indonesian Property market has started to grow with land prices increasing monthly.