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Lombok Island Properties Land for saleLombok Island Properties' Unique Portfolio includes the most exotic beachfront property and businesses available in the Indonesian archipelago.

Lombok Island Properties offers the most picturesque, exotic and sort after property and Real Estate in Lombok Indonesia.

If you have land for sale, why not list it with us. With many developers at the planning and early build stage, we will be showing opportunities in best locations as developers are starting to build along with established busninesses as they become available.

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***Latest Properties added in Gilis, Sekotong Region, Entire Islands For Sale***
*** New Properties added in Selong Belanak and Serangan ***

    Since the opening of the Lombok International Airport, Lombok has seen a marked increase of domestic and international visitors. This increase has been fuelled by the growing interest of investors and developers from around the world after the Indonesian Government announced their approval and encouragement for Lombok and other islands in the archipelago to be promoted as "designated tourist areas". This overseas interest has seen property prices increase on almost a monthly rate, with large hotel chains showing an eagerness to accommodate the expanding visitor numbers.

    Lombok Island Properties portfolio of selected exotic locations stretches the whole length of the south coast of the island, all have beach views, some are cliff top and others are absolute beachfront. These locations were selected with the individual purchaser and business developer in mind.

    We can be contacted initially via email at: with any enquiries or requests you may have and our team are well experienced in the purchase and sale of property in Indonesia.


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Lombok Island Properties

Kuta Lombok

Situated in the central south of Lombok, Kuta is becoming an extreamly desirable area. With the Novotel near by, Kuta is evolving as the hub of south Lombok and boasts some of the best beaches.

Lombok Island Properties Kuta Land For Sale
 Kuta Plot 101

Gili (Sekotong Region)

A small group of Islands near Sekotong located in the south west of Lombok. Ideal for the remote getaway from it all. The plots vary in size and in some cases the whole island is for sale.

Gili Plots - 501 - 502 - 503 - 504 - 505

Air Guling

Air Guling is 5km west of Kuta and is well known for its large amount of fresh spring water. With spectacular views it is regarded as one of the best surf breaks in Lombok.

Air Guling Lombok Indonesia
NEW Plot 126 and 750 ARE email for details

Mawun Lombok

Described in travel magazines as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Mawun has pristine white sand surrounded by rolling hills. It is ideal for a hotel or villa complex.

Lombok Island Mawun Beach
Plot 151 100 ARE - Plot 152 450 ARE

Tampa Beach

Tampa Beach is 7 km west of Kuta, with a long white sandy beach it holds some stunning cliff top views from the surrounding hills. The land is very flat and makes for an easy build.

Tampa Beach Lombok Island Properties
Plot 176 - Plot 178

Mawi Lombok

12km west of Kuta, Mawi Beach boasts to have it all! Noted as a surfers paradise with excellent surf breaks, the course grain sandy beach makes for a great work out. Easy access to the airport and Kuta.

Mawi Beach Lombok
Plot 201 - Plot 202 - Plot 203 - Plot 204 - Plot 205

Selong Belanak

With unbelievable sunsets and a stunning long white sandy beach, Selong Belanak is ideal for swimming and snorkeling. The views from the surrounding hills are breathtaking and hve to seen to be believed.

Selong Belanak Sunset
Plot226Sold - Plot 227 - 228Sold - 229 - 230 - 231


Situated to the south west of Selong Belanak, Serangan is a well known surf spot with beautiful sandy beaches. The backdrop are the rolling hills where the famous Lombok Mountain Rice is grown

Serangan Beach Lombok
Plot 251 - Plot 252 - Plot 253 Plot - 254

Pengantap Beach

As a perfect place for swimming, Pengantap is ideal for snorkeling, due to its location and shape the sea is very calm. The famous Desert Point wave is located nearby and is the ultimate in the world of surfing.

Pengantap Beach Lombok
Plot 276 - Plot 277

Gerupuk Bay

Gerupuk Bay is the known the world over for surfing, the most appealing and friendly waves are found here in Gerupuk, and due to this much of the development is orientated around surfers

Surfin Gerupuk Bay Lombok
Nothing available email us for update

Bumbang Bay

Located 7km east of Kuta and 1 km form the new marina, Bumbang Bay has it all. Beautiful beaches, rolling hills with stunnung views and the most amazing sunsets.

Bumbang Bay Lombok Indonesia
Plot 326

Awang Bay

With its long white sandy beaches and proximity to the under construction new marina, Awang is becoming a popular location and has the potetial to be the Monaco of south east Asia.

Awang Bay Lombok
Plot 351

Ekas Lombok

Known to experianced surfers, Ekas is the hub of the south coast of Lombok and boasts its powerful and challeging surf. Recognised thoughout Indonesia, Ekas is famous for its variety of lobsters.

Ekas Bay Lombok Indonesia
Plot 402 - Plot 403 - Plot 404


Kaliantan has pristine white sandy beaches and excellent surf for the experianced surfer. The rolling hills and turquoise blue waters make this area the paradise of east Lombok.

Kaliantan Beach Lombok
Plot 426

Cemara Bay Lombok

Described as Lombok's Mediterranean, Cemara Bay is long and deep and is abundant in marine life making it superb for snorkeling or diving. At 45 mins from the airport it is tempting the larger hotel groups.

Plot 451

Teluk Sekaroh

Being a peninsula Teluk Sekaroh is completely unique to the rest of Lombok. On one side is the ocean view towards Zimbawa and the otherside is a calm bay view of Cemara. It also has small enclosed private beaches

Plot 476

Meang Bay

Situated inthe South West of Lombok and south of Sekotong, Meang Bay shows the best of everything the beaches of South Lombok have to offer. This bay is one of the best surf spots om Lombok

Plot 526